Sculpted Bricks by Brad Spencer


North Carolina-based artist Brad Spencer has not only used red bricks to build conventional brick walls but has also built eye-catching human figures emerging seamlessly from the wall. Spencer challenges the convention that brick walls are built flat by creating fluid, life-like shapes next to the walls. He also challenges the utility of the box-shaped bricks by using them to construct curvy figures.

Spencers uses a relief technique which involves working with unfired clay first to carve his figures in a brickwork pattern. He fires custom molded brick pieces individually and assemble them on the streets where the brick sculptures are displayed. His works has the durability and low maintenance of a conventional brick wall and blends elegantly when installed in settings where there are brick constructs of other colours and dimensions. It brings not only the brick wall to life but also the environment surrounding Spencer's structure.

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Sculpted Bricks By Brad Spencer 1

Brad Spencer

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