The Great Outdoors in a Truck: The Beermoth


When most of us go on vacation to get some quality unwinding done from the rigours of work, we conveniently forget to leave the old ball and chain behind…and by the old ball and chain we are of course referring to the electronic devices that seem to run our lives. Let’s be honest, the thought of not being digitally connected scares us, which is probably why some folks spend a considerable amount time being face deep in laptop during their vacation. With the Beermoth, however vacationers can expect to spend some quality time with their significant others, doing vacation stuff like relaxing, trekking and all the other wondering things that Scotland can offer but your smartphone can’t.

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This bizarre-looking truck, following a stint as the B&B stage at Inshriach's own Insider Festival, has settled in its present location on Inshriach Estate. Walter, the man who built the Berrmoth, has truly excelled himself in his seemingly never ending quest for a renovation challenge. The 1956 Commer Q4 was liberated from the Manston Fire Museum in Kent and wrestled back to Inshriach House, where Walter quite literally raised the roof. Then he laid an oak parquet floor rescued from a Tudor mansion, salvaged snooker table slate to make a hearth and a fire escape to make a staircase.

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The Beermoth also sports a completely over the top Victorian double bed, a door from one of the cottages at the farm, and the former back wall of the doghouse. Even the mahogany plinth has been replaced with a wood-burner. Take a chance, give the Beermoth a shot…we doubt you’ll miss your laptop a whole lot.

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