Montblanc Writers Edition: Limited Edition Daniel Defoe


Montblanc introduces a new addition to its Writers Edition writing instruments – the Montblanc Writers Edition: Limited Edition Daniel Defoe. The English novelist, touted as the father of realistic fiction, is most noted for authoring Robinson Crusoe. Defoe’s famous adventure story was published in 1719, and is about a castaway who finds himself stranded on a tropical island to face cannibals and mutineers. The details on the Montblanc Writers Edition: Daniel Defoe recalls the story of Robinson Crusoe, as narrated Defoe in his novel.

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The shape of the writing instruments is inspired by the wooden paddle that Crusoe relied on. In a nod to Crusoe’s life as a survivor on the remote island, the precious resin used on the cap and barrel captures the complex texture and color of wood. Enhancing the appearance of the resin’s polished surface, the cap ring and cone are adorned with fine engravings typical of 18th century ornaments that decorated leather-bound book covers of the time. 

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Even the clip on the writing instrument is inspired by a character from the novel. The elaborately decorated clip in the shape of a feather is reminiscent of Crusoe’s parrot ‘Poll’. The exotic bird is also featured as an intricate engraving on the ruthenium-plated 18K gold nib of the fountain pen. 

Another detail inspired by Crusoe’s life as a castaway, the rings on the writing instrument are elaborately decorated with filigree engravings that evoke the leather stitching of Robinson’s clothing. The tribute to Daniel Defoe is complete with his signature that is immortalized as a fine engraving on the cap.

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