Cruise in comfort: Azimut 80


The Azimut 80 is the first yacht over 72 feet, to be designed entirely at Azimut’s headquarters in Avigliana, Italy. The 24-metre yacht offers exceptional comfort in all of its four cabins, five bathrooms and its 42-square-metre flybridge. Developed on the experience of the recent, larger vessels, the Azimut 80’s exterior design was envisioned by Stefano Righini, while the interior was designed by Achille Salvagni Architetti. Built in CE class “A”, the yacht can accommodate eight guests.

The yacht’s two 1550hp MAN engines provide the vessel with a top speed of 30 knots. The fuel tank has a capacity of 6000 litres while the water tank can hold 1200 litres. Moreover, as an optional extra, the yacht can be fitted with electric CMC Marine stabilizing fins. The Azimut 80 also features an incredibly large swimming platform measuring almost 9 square metres. The platform provides plenty of room for the launch and retrieval of tenders exceeding 4 metres in length.

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The carefully planned lighting design based on LED technology makes it possible to achieve a sophisticated modulation of the light in each interior space. Moreover, the play of mirrors and the height of the interiors – well over two metres high – ensure a truly exceptional sense of space.

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