Check Out the AeroBull HD and AeroSkull speakers


Let your music take pride of place with the new range of audio speakers by Jarre Technologies. A marriage of original design and powerful sound, Jarre Technologies speakers are a sound-system that appeal to both design and music-lovers.


The innovative design of the AeroBull HD means that both your style and sound needs are met with unequivocally engineered audio experience. The stylish AeroBull HD is man’s best friend, providing a high definition and full bodied sound that comes from Jarre Technologies’ commitment to innovation and research.

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Producing 120 watts of high definition aerial sound through a sophisticated 2.1 system, the AeroBull HD seamlessly connects to any smartphone through lightning, Bluetooth and NFC. Using a Line-In, it can also connect to CD players or any other audio source. The AeroBull HD supports MP3, AAC, WMA, protected AAC and WAV files. To complete the look, the remote for the AeroBull HD is shaped liked a bone, making the combination fun and playful. Available in three vibrant colors, white, red and matte black, the AeroBull HD is designed as a graphic statement piece that combines form and function.


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The signature AeroSkull speaker is a masterpiece of audio design. Unquestionably bold, it is an iconic accent to any home or office and is available in HD, XS and Nano sizes in an array of metallic and matte colors. Like the AeroBull HD which produces 120 watts of high definition aerial sound through a 2.1 system, the AeroSkull HD offers exceptional style and expansive audio clarity. Connect the speakers to any music playback devices through the Apple lightning dock, Bluetooth aptX and NFC technologies, or use the 3.5 mm line-in to any audio source in your media suite for a remarkable listening experience. In the XS version, the AeroSkull goes mobile with a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to ten hours without compromising on high definition sound. Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with all smartphone devices, the AeroSkull XS also offers uncompromised portability with quality Bluetooth functions. The AeroSkull XS is available in six colors: silver, black, gold, and pink in chrome finishing, as well as glossy blue and red.

Measuring only seven centimetres per 100 grams, the AeroSkull Nano is ultra-compact and delivers incredible energy with a battery life of eight hours. The combination of two full drivers, one subwoofer and amplifier from Germany broadcast a total sound output of six watts to provide maximum opportunities for listening. Like the XS version, the AeroSkull Nano is Bluetooth 4.0 compliant and integrates A2DP codec. The AeroSkull Nano is available in seven colors: silver, black, gold, and pink in chrome finishing, a special matte black, as well as glossy blue and red.


The AeroBull HD retails for S$2,599 while the AeroSkull Nano, XS and HD speakers are priced at S$169, S$479 and S$789 respectively.

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