5 classy outfits worn by Lady Gaga

She may be better known for sensual and often outrageous outfits (think body-hugging numbers, bralettes and fishnet stockings). But American pop star Lady Gaga, who’s currently crowned #1 in the ongoing MTV Star Awards competition on Twitter (she’s garnered over 75 million votes), is now proving over and over again that reinventing personal style isn’t difficult. Here are 5 of her most classy outfits to date…

5 Classy Outfits Lady Gaga

Thigh-baring custom-made Brandon Maxwell dress, which she wore to the American Horror Story premiere

5 Classy Outfits Lady Gaga 1

Blush pink Valentino number, paired with a sparkly collar and earrings

5 Classy Outfits Lady Gaga 2

Brandon Maxwell toga dress at the Emmy Awards this year

5 Classy Outfits Lady Gaga 3

Frilly, pleated tube dress she wore while performing at the Columbus Citizens Foundation

5 Classy Outfits Lady Gaga 4

Tuxedo-inspired getup - complete with fedora (not pictured) - at Frank Sinatra's 100th anniversary special in Las Vegas

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