This Christmas, ask Santa for a Private Jet Card

With the festive season in full swing, thoughts turn to buying special presents for our loved ones. Here’s something they won’t expect: the gift of a private jet card that lets you fly anywhere in the world in style. The Lindbergh jet card, a carbon fibre card that lets its owner book helicopters and private jets anywhere in the world in an instant is, perhaps, the ultimate Christmas gift.

“A gentleman in California wanted to take his wife away on a private jet, but he couldn’t decide where to fly to, so instead he bought her a Lindbergh Card for Christmas, so that she could choose the destination. With a Lindbergh Card the world truly is your oyster. It allows you to fly wherever you like on whichever aircraft you want. We have access to tens of thousands of private jets around the world – once we have helped you choose, you just send a one line email to confirm your preferred option.” says Neil Backhouse, Director of Air Charter Service’s jet card division, Empyrean.

The unique carbon fibre Lindbergh Card doesn’t come cheap however. The card has a starting price of £50,000 ($100,000 in the US).

“From London fifty thousand pounds would be enough to get you multiple short hops on helicopters, five return trips to Paris or a one way trip to New York…Because you can top your card up at any time, with any amount, we have some clients that have spent more than a million on their card.” continues Backhouse.

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