Here's why you should get an Action Camera


These days, everyone from thrill seekers to holiday makers look to capture their experiences on trips they are on, be it scaling a mountain or a relaxing in the Maldives. Unfortunately, a regular camera is sometimes simply not handy enough to capture these adventures, due to weight and size. This is where action cameras come in. These devices are generally small, lightweight, rugged and easy to use, while being capable of recording videos that are high in quality. This makes it an ideal option for anyone looking to capture beautiful footage without fear of wearing out their camera.  Not sold on the idea of getting an action camera? Here are a couple more reasons why an action camera is the perfect companion to capture your adventures.

Clearer and wider view

Most action cameras are able to shoot wide-angle footage. With a wide field of view, one will be able to capture more scenery or points of action, allowing for more immersive videos.

Easily share your adventures with family and friends

What’s the point of capturing exhilarating adventures if you can’t share the moment with friends and family? A good action camera will come with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, enabling you to instantly transfer videos from the camera to your computer. This allows you to share your most action packed moments on your social media channels easily.

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Made for the elements

Not sure how the weather will be like at your destination? Not to worry, good action cameras are equipped to handle any weather. Be it heat, dust, sand or snow, action cameras will record footage faithfully while taking a beating. So go ahead and bring your action camera on your trek of the Gobi Desert; it won’t fail you.

No more shaky videos

It is important for an action camera to be able to record videos that are clear and smooth, regardless of the situation. Action cameras from Sony, such as the 4K Action Cam FDR-X1000V (above), feature Advanced SteadyShot technology, which allows users to capture clear, steady footage of even the most fast-moving subjects. Just check out the video below to see what we're talking about.

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Accessorize to have more fun

Most action cameras that are currently available in the market come with a variety of accessories that enable users to get more out of their device. For instance, waterproof casings keep the device water-tight to a certain depth so one can record the wonders of the sea. Specialize mounting accessories enable the device to be attached to a variety of different objects, ranging from helmets, bikes or even your dog.

Have control regardless of what you’re doing

Having a Wi-Fi feature doesn’t mean that you can only transfer videos to the computer. You can also use it to connect with your accessories. Due to the compact size of an action camera, there usually isn’t room for a LCD screen to view or playback videos. With the Live View Remote from Sony, you are in full control of the action camera via Wi-Fi, even from a distance. This is extremely useful in checking the framing of your shot prior to filming. With Wi-Fi, you can even control your device remotely via your smart device.

Action cameras are booming in popularity, and it comes as no surprise as people are getting more adventurous with their hobbies.

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