This Concrete Brutalist Espresso Machine is Brutally Beautiful


A perfect brew of coffee is no longer some rare luxury only few can afford. Just pull out your old moka pot or drop a coffee pod in your swanky new Nespresso machine, and you’ll quickly find that making a stunning brew is not much rocket science. But while technology improves the way you achieve your quintessential morning start, enabling just anyone to brew a decent espresso with a single pod and a push of a button, you might notice a blinding pattern. Most coffee machines look… Exactly the same.

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Where industrial innovations advance, the aesthetics of kitchen essentials have only dreamed of an equal progress. Save for a few fancy prints here and there, kitchen appliances – especially coffee machines – largely regress into a cookie cutter aesthetic with little evolution. The latest creation of California based design studio Montaag wants to change exactly that, with this stunningly re-imagined traditional espresso machine with a touch of Brutalism. Think raw and concrete Brutalist architecture from the 1950s to the mid-1970s and that steely, industrial vibe.

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Also available in white with wood details, the 15kg concrete “AnZa” espresso machine was an attempt to introduce unexpected materials in the kitchen, to blend decoration and functionality in one beautiful machine. The machine is currently in the funding phase after four years in development, and barely US$25,000 away from its crowdfunding goal of US$130,000 since its opening campaign this month. Though the very first AnZa espresso machines will be available only in March 2018, two models of the prototype can be viewed in Selfridges’ London store in the UK.

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Photos: AnZa

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