Glistening Gold: The Millionaire Luxury Safe


What is beauty is in stark perfection?

The Millionaire Luxury Safe may be unmistakably beautiful, but its purposefully flawed nature offers not just an artistic projection, but a reference to the safe’s inherently impenetrable nature; its dented top signifies the many unsuccessful vault robbery attempts during the California Gold Rush, an era that marked the feverish ambitions of the famous Forty-niners (a reference to 1849, when the Rush began).

No surprise that this lavish number is Boca do Lobo’s most iconic safe, with its lockable drawers, a whole structure made of mahogany, a lush coating in highly polished brass and dipped in gold for a fantastic finish.

The safe certainly makes quite the impression, and will probably be like no other safes you have ever owned with its exquisite detail and fascinating finishes. The Millionaire Safe’s vessel ship wheel-like handle draws from Portuguese history and maritime ambition of the past, which makes for an elegant contrast to the safe’s gold-coated, solid polished brass frame.

The safe, which operates with a secret code combination, also features a lush fabric-lined interior surrounds a set of lockable, solid mahogany drawers.


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