This $4.5 Million Meteor Gun Will Blow Your Minds


Cabot calls it their ‘magnum opus’, and we think there’s some sorcery involved in the making of this class act.

The Big Bang Pistol Set, crafted from a space rock and designed with the precision of complex mechanics, marks billions of years in the making – the length that the rock, from which it formed, had existed.

Due to be auctioned at a later unspecified date with an asking price of $4.5 million, the modern meteorite weapon is said to embody a ‘transcendent vision’, given its holy-trinity-mashup of timeless style, ageless significance and startling innovation.

According to Ron Bianchin, CEO and Founder of Cabot Guns, the pistols were crafted with the want of creating “something so terrifyingly unique that it hadn’t even been thought of before.”

“We wanted to do something truly different,” said Bianchin. He also admits that working with meteorite was no mean feat.

“From a metallurgy standpoint, the material lacks the perfect uniformity demanded by Cabot in the manufacture of the rest of their line of high-end handguns,” he explains.

A finished product could show ‘voids’ upon closer inspection, as oxidized high-iron content areas began to reveal a meteor’s age. In its outer shell, exposed ‘barks’ are evident across the surface of the pistols.

“These exclusion areas, the result of rapid heating, cooling, expansion and contraction over billions of years of travel through time and space required Cabot’s engineers to completely scan and model the 77 pound hunk before beginning to refine the large piece into two beautiful handguns,” said Bianchin.

The Big Bang pistol certainly lives up to its name, though. The otherworldly masterwork consists of two exact, yet entirely distinct, copies of each other. Sort of like fingerprints. Distinct finishes convey each different material used in the making of the pistols (think highly polished flats on grips and naturally patterned, acid-etched slides and frames), while everywhere else stars the mythical meteorite in its outer-edged entirety, as it is, across billions of years of heat, violence and atmospheric admission.



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