Someone Paid $90,000 For This Gold-plated Antique Slot Machine


The grand Antique Advertising & Coin auction held by renowned auction house Morphy’s reportedly featured a very unique and interesting artifact. A magnificent Caille double stored antique piece upright floor slot machine possessing the combination of a “5-cent Centaur” along with a “25-cent Big Six” has fetched a grand and impressive amount at the sale. The brilliant and exquisite craftsmanship of this antique model speaks volumes for its beauty since it features a very rich blend of gold-plated facade.

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Another interesting fact about this artifact is that the design of its legs, which is crafted in the unique shape of paws, is a stark contrast to any normal stand. There are several other embellishments on this unique piece which helps to turn one of the earliest gambling machines in the world, into an unbeatable center of attraction.

The antique gambling machine eventually garnered a winning bid of US$90,000. And that folks, is no gamble.

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