Frauscher’s 1414 Demon Motor Yacht Raises the Bar


Images: Frauscher

Frauscher has unveiled its latest triumph yet with the highly-anticipated, swanky new Frauscher 1414 Demon Yacht, with sleek lines, and impressive body and a perfect harmony of luxury and performance.  It will be Frauscher’s largest motor yacht yet – accommodating a maximum of 12 people in a generous space within its 46-foot long body.

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The motor yacht was fashioned for fine materials sourced near the company’s shipyard in Austria, with a finishing touch of characteristically Frauscher elements such as their tinted frameless windshield and also its air inlets in carbon which exhibit a distinct sport driving pleasure for its range.

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You might call this bad boy an ideal cruiser for a short getaway over the weekend, from its fancy outdoor bar up top or even a large platform where you can bask in the sun. The feel of a living space extends to its distinctly furnished interior, not without a kitchenette, a spacious bathroom and sleeping accommodation for four.

The handsome motor yacht is not titled ‘Demon’ for nothing too – the fierce cruiser puts most yachts to shame with its powerful 520 hp a piece, thanks to the dual engines it is powered by. Prices start from US$855,000.

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