Insider’s Picks: 7 Contemporary Artworks To Consider Buying

Sybil Andrews, Concert Hall


Approx. US$90,000

Find a strikingly contemporary atmosphere from its bold architecture – a concert hall rendered in an image hand-pressed by Andrews, who worked only in linocut like her fellow Grosvenor School artists. Like her paintings, Andrews’ work commonly reveals her sharp eye and modern vision through clean lines.

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Floral Mind #24 by Minas Halaj



A stunning rendition of oil, paint, acrylic and wax on wood. Floral mind sifts out her piece with a modern gracefulness, bringing a resounding meeting between classic and contemporary, blending the elements of graphics and figurative compositions in a fantastic indulgence of the senses.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, The Seated Clowness


Approx. US$325,000

A good century later and this painting by Toulouse-Lautrec retains a velvety freshness as you find its subject, clown and dancer Cha-u-Kao in the brief moment she hides from the crowd. The scene fascinates with an intimate behind-the-scenes moment – the unusual juxtaposition against what you might immediately expect of the Montmartre performer.


Marilyn Monroe Art Prints, Globalartwork Artgallery



The American actress and model is rendered in a startlingly enigmatic number; a fascinating juxtaposition of monochromatic nostalgia and modern touches. Monroe comes alive through the modern prints with raining drizzles, in a stunning homage to the late icon.

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Clearing, Andrej Sido



A horrifying Expressionist painting rendering the dark night, considering the world’s debauchery. This apocalyptic piece sifts through a stunning oil painting, describing the loneliness and longing against an imminent catastrophe.

Frankfurter Judengasse, Alina Suleimen



This fascinating painting features a heavy oil technique, applied through varying mixed media techniques, transporting us back to the 13th century Germany where we consider a conversation between two schools – especially during an era where civil movements run rampant, and where the influence of philosophers and scholars grew.

between the worlds triptych, Said Ibrahimov



In stunning naturalism, this original oil painting offers an ethereal foray into otherworldliness, caught between mortality and immortality in the dilemma between earth and hell, death and life.

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