Anne Frank’s Poem Sweeps Auction with Unexpected $148,000 Record


A handwritten poem by the German-born Jewish girl who detailed her two years hiding from the Nazis in a diary has fetched a staggering $148,000 at an auction, exceeding its estimate by a more than four times. Annelies Marie Frank, who is better known as Anne Frank, remains among the most discussed victims of the holocaust. Frank rose to fame shortly after her death following her diary’s publication, titled The Diary of Anne Frank.

The rare 12-line text was written in Dutch on 1942, was swept up in a record two minutes at the Bubb Kuyper auction house in Haarlem by an unnamed online bidder. The text was written on March 28, three months before Anne went into hiding in Amsterdam with her family, and signed “In memory, from Anne Frank.” Written in black ink, the text was addressed to “Cri-cri”.

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“Over the last 40 years, only four or five documents signed by the teenager have gone under the hammer,” said the auction house’s co-director Thijs Blankevoort.

Her exhaustive diary details the two years she spent in confinement, from fear to boredom and confusion. Today, over 30 million copies have been sold in 67 languages whilst the original remains on display in Amsterdam at the Anne Frank House.

The family was discovered in August 1944 and sent to concentration camps, where Anne died a few months later of typhus, shortly before the camp was liberated by the British army.

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