Australian Artist Creates Ceramic Art With An Oriental Twist


Stephen Bowers is an Australian dedicated to ceramic art, who became involved in ceramics while working as an art teacher in regional South Australia in the late 1970s. Bowers draws on many historical and cultural influences while imagining his own sophisticated transforming earthenware. Oriental, or occidental, ceramic traditions since antiquity have undergone many cross fertilisations due to their exposure to various cultures around the globe.

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Bowers works will make you want to delve into their exquisite detailed painting to see what you may be able to discover; based on the immense detail he puts into his work, we are sure whatever the outcome is, it is sure to delight. He creates extraordinary complex and highly original works from sources that stimulates the observer’s intellect, imagination and inventiveness.

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The ceramic pieces are fired multiple times to secure a detailed underglaze and overglaze painting together with the colours and intricate line illustrations. This helps to provide a sumptuous overall dynamic decorative milieu. Bowers is not out to ‘meet expectations of visual arts theory’ but to explore his own creative freedom.


Some of Bower’s works are marvellous bravura art pieces, like great wares found for centuries in great palace complexes, which transform any setting they inhabit and are sure to pique interest. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Bowers’ conversion to this aesthetic is that, unlike most artists exploring the genre, he focused his creative energies on the surface rather than exploit the sculptural possibilities of ceramics which is normal route that most artists tend to take.

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