Flourish Your Home with these Stunning Asian artworks


A beautiful home bustles with warmth, beauty and good taste. Some of the best ways to decorate your home can be to simply flourish it with stunning art work. According to Al Brenner, CEO of MutualArt Group, paintings made up the greatest number of artworks sold at auction in the last six months, accounting for 42 percent of all sales or 64 percent by value. MutualArt’s art information database offers insight into the art market, providing past sale prices for more than 300,000 artists worldwide. Sourced from approximately 17,000 museums, galleries and auction houses around the world, data from the online art information service is manually screened before publication so that accuracy and integrity is ensured.

“In the last six months, Asian artists have been a prominent feature in auctions across the globe, with artworks across a range of media,” Brenner tells us. “From December 2016 to June 2017, 11 of the top 50 artists by value were Asian; together, they generated a total of US$373.8 million, which is nearly one fifth of the total value for all top 50 artists.”

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He adds, “For buyers looking to make a serious investment in Asian art, these top performers are names to watch. Look out for works by: Zao Wou-Ki; Wu Guanzhong; Chen Rong; Zhang Da Qian; Yayoi Kusama; Qi Baishi; Sanyu; Zhao Lingrang; Li Gonglin; Huang Binhong; and Zeng Fanzhi.”

Brenner cautions that return on investment can be difficult to predict, however. He explains, “It is possible to track an artist’s recent performance at auction to gauge whether interest in their work appears to be increasing. In the last six months, several artists achieved prices for works that were significantly higher than their mid-estimate value, including Sanyu (95% of lots sold above mid-estimate); Yayoi Kusama (88%); and Huang Binhong (83%).”

Here are some stunning Asian paintings that caught our eye from MutualArt.com:

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