4 Expensive Exotic Pets That Are Illegal!

Anyone can get a dog, cat or even a harmless hamster. Exotic pets on the other hand, are still coveted by many – after all, who can resist the allure of rare, outlandish things? Unfortunately, unlike your run-of-the-mill pampered pets, these animals can be unpredictable, dangerous and far more trouble than you could ever expect, like these…

Hyacinth Macaw ($11,000)


The Hyacinth Macaw may be the largest flying parrot in the world with great strength, but these gorgeous birds are inching in dangerously close to endangerment! The bird lives for an average of about 60 years, and could make excellent entertainers with a vocabulary they can potentially develop over the years. The one thing about these blue beauties, though, is that their beaks are strong enough to crush fingers, and so must be trained very early on to prevent these horrifying accidents.

Palm Cockatoo ($16,000)


Cockatoos are prized for their chatty selves and quirky personalities – they’d chatter all day in full theatrics and you’d be hard pressed to know what they really talking about, but it’s always an endearing ‘conversation’ to have. The Palm Cockatoo on the other hand are all those and more – its strange beauty is one thing, but the bird demands high maintenance and a rigid diet, which would include your Brazil nuts, pine nuts, pomegranate, beets, broccoli, kale, among other fruits and flora.

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Savannah Cat ($22,000)


If you wondered why this beauty looks part-cat and part-wildcat, the Savannah Cat is indeed a successful hybrid between an African Serval and a domestic cat. Though Servals are legal pets you can own in several countries, the controversy of this particular hybrid reportedly lies in the frustratingly low success rate in getting the domestic cat and the Serval to mate. As for the rare times mating becomes successful, the Savannah Cat is valued based on the strength of its Serval blood – where the most expensive Savannah Cats are reportedly 3/4 Serval.

White Lion Cub ($140,000)


The mythical white lion is so, thanks to a recessive genetic mutation, and are almost impossible to attain since most of them are born in zoos, reducing your chances of owning one to virtually zero. Arguably the most expensive exotic pet in existence, these extremely rare breeds could cost as much as $140,000, should you even find breeder willing to part with one.

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