Wild Times and a Musical Kaleidoscope: Paul Roberts Talks David Bowie

The former lead singer of The Stranglers tells us about the wildest moment in his career, the musical kaleidoscope that is 'Let’s Dance: Paul Roberts Sings David Bowie' and the one thing he has learned from the late icon.


He led The Stranglers from the ‘90s till a good turn of the millennium, before splitting amicably from the British punk rock band in 2006. With rock hits sweeping the charts across Britain and Europe, one might say Paul Roberts is a bona fide rock star.

The charismatic vocalist will be starring in an upcoming Singapore special from November 10 to 12, paying homage to the passing of a true icon in the highly anticipated “Let’s Dance – Paul Roberts sings David Bowie".

The nights will unfold with pulsating vibes and good old rock 'n' roll; a “musical kaleidoscope”, mused Roberts.

The upcoming production, by British Theatre Playhouse and Worldwide Entertainment in association with Ce La Vi, will feature Bowie classics including “Space Oddity” to “The Next Day”. Of course, the show won’t be quite complete without a stirring rendition of “Let’s Dance”, alongside "China Girl", Ziggy Stardust", "The Jean Genie", "Rebel Rebel", "Sound and Vision", "Fame" and "Suffragette City".

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“We are celebrating the incredible diversity of Bowie’s unique career; his amazing ideas and beautiful musical collection,” he said. “We aren’t focused on a specific part of his life - we are enjoying all of it, from 1969 to 2016.”


You quite resemble David Bowie. What other similarities do you think you share with the late singer?

How kind. Well I guess the one thing important to both of us is/was change. I always wanted to be unique as opposed to a follower and I always felt that music should continuously evolve - like the human race. Sadly there are only certain people prepared to take the risks.

I always maintain that as soon as I feel slightly uncomfortable or out of my depth with what is happening musically that is the time to pursue the idea. I have since heard a similar Bowie quote. I grew up feeling that whatever people’s circumstances they should be free to express themselves. However ridiculous they seem, for every 100 lunatic ideas there must be one amazing concept being born.

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