The Vortex Is Jane Seymour’s Break Into Asian Theatre


Leading production house, The British Theatre Playhouse, is coming to Singapore come April 2016 with “The Vortex”, Noel Coward’s celebrated play. The Vortex, directed by Acclaimed West End director Bob Tomson, will be showing from April 27 to May 15 at Jubilee Hall in Singapore’s iconic Raffles Hotel.

Jane Seymour OBE, Award-winning British actress, leads as “Florence Lancaster”, and will be making her debut in Asia’s live theatre scene. The outstanding actress, who sky-rocketed to fame after starring opposite Roger Moore in Bond movie “Live and Let Die”, has won a series of accolades, including an Emmy and two Golden Globes, and even has her very own ‘star’ on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

 “The British Theatre Playhouse productions made in the West End of London are distinctively symbolic of British sophistication,” said Cecilia Leong-Faulkner, Founder and Managing Director of The British Theatre Playhouse, adding that every show features the original crew from London’s West End theatres, from stars to costume designers “to ensure top quality production”.

The Vortex goes way back in time in 1924, when it first premiered in London. The play proved a sweeping sensation and immediate hit, propelling then-leading actor and playwright to stardom.

Set in 1920s London, the play explores the glamorous world of high society and the life of socialite Florence Lancaster. Plagued by scandal, deceit and promiscuity, The Vortex is a timeless classic, surviving through time as a provocative modern drama of any era, criticizing the debauched social elite in a true expose.

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