Moncler Freeze for Frieze Celebrates Frozen Moments


Moncler has finally unveiled the Moncler Freeze for Frieze, in an artistic attempt to ‘freeze’ special moments in art. The London-based exhibition collaborates with the Royal College of Art reinforcing the label’s philosophy and desire to support the future of creativity.

The event took place on Friday at the 26 Old Bond Street over two days, where the maison’s new flagship store is located. Funds raised will cover full tuition for two exceptionally talented students in their 2-year Masters in Arts degree program in Fashion and Textiles, at the Royal College of Art.

“Art, in my opinion, is a pure expression of creativity able to capture a single moment and transport its entirety into the future", said Moncler Chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini. “Creativity has always been a key word for Moncler. Working towards this common goal alongside a high profile institution like the Royal College of Art is a great honor for me.”

Artists, fashion designers, cultural icons, friends of Moncler and college alumni and current students were asked to donate an artwork that was to be exhibited outside the college's walls for the first time. Almost 400 pieces in postcard format were donated by the artists, signed only on the back and sold at 60 pounds.

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“The RCA postcard project has always been a thing of wonder to me,” said Blanks. “It's such a fabulous metaphor for the randomness of life - you could get a Hockney or you could get a hackney. So I'm very happy and flattered to be involved in this edition. It's like a wonderful game. How good is your eye? Spot the future classic. Be surprised.”

"Moncler has been a great source of inspiration to our Fashion students for many years," said Paul Thompson, Royal College of Art Rector. “Moncler is offering something more than just inspiration here, at the Royal College of Art, through these generous contributions to the scholarship fund.”

The installation, staged on October 7 during the Moncler flagship boutique’s opening event will be guest curated by Tim Blanks, running alopng with Frieze London 2016. In case you missed the exhibition, some cards will be available for purchase on in selected designs.

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