Salvador Dali at Beverly Hills


The United States just wrapped up its first and largest outdoor showcase of Salvador Dali’s sculptures a week ago. The summer-long exhibit saw a rounding up of 12 of the famed surrealist painter’s iconic works at Beverly Hills’ Two Rodeo Drive.

Sponsored by Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau, the collection was presented by Two Rodeo Drive and Galerie Michael, and was open to the public for free. Among some highlights include museum-sized sculptures and some staggering three-dimensional bronze sculptures that go up to 12 feet tall. 

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The outdoor exhibition makes for a rare showcase, especially of Dali’s surrealist sculptures, outside of the usual gallery or museum. The sculptures were loaned from The Stratton Institute, which currently possess the world’s largest collection of monumental sculptures by Dali.

The pieces on display were also available for purchase over the summer, where a percentage of the proceeds would go to Operation Smile, an international non-profit medical organization that gives children from developing countries access to surgical care for facial deformities including cleft lips and cleft palates. The sculptures include Persistence of Memory, Saint George and the Dragon, The Unicorn, Woman Aflame, Dance of Time I and II, Horse Saddled with Time and Triumphant Angel, amongst others.

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