Singapore Filmmaker Boo Junfeng to Show at Art Basel 2017 in Hong Kong


Pearl Lam Galleries has announced the selection of Mirror (2013) by Boo Junfeng for Art Basel in Hong Kong’s Film sector. Curated by Li Zhenhua, Director and Founder of Beijing Art Lab, the Film sector presents an exciting programme of short and feature-­‐length films by and about artists. Mirror is a two-channel video projection originally commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum for the President’s Young Talents 2013 exhibition. The piece, eventually won the joint Grand Prize.

“Mirror was inspired by the artist’s visit to Bukit Brown Cemetery, where exhumations of over 3,000 graves are taking place for the construction of a new highway, splitting the old burial ground into two.  This idea of bifurcation is explored in the narrative that develops around the soldier (a recurring figure in Boo’s work): one of the soldiers serves the present-day Armed Forces, while the other serves the Malayan Communist Party from the past. Both soldier figures are lost in what appears to be the same space. As the dual realities echo and diverge from each other, this short film collapses temporal realities and narratives, reiterating the point that  our present and  future are inextricably tied to our past, while underscoring the  critical distance one might need  to view history.” said Tan Siuli, Curatorial Co-Head, Singapore Art Museum.

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Boo Junfeng is one of Singapore’s notable young filmmakers whose works often centre on themes of identity, memory, and sexuality. His short films have won him acclaim internationally. Boo’s debut feature film, Sandcastle (2010), which premiered at Cannes Film Festival’s International Critics’ Week  in 2010, garnered several awards from film festivals around the world and was listed by The Wall Street Journal as one of Asia’s most notable films that year. In 2016, his second feature, Apprentice (2016), premiered at the Cannes Film Festival as part of the Un Certain Regard official selection.

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