Five Things You Didn’t Know About Winning a Free Car


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You Can Win a Free Car in Singapore

The Mediacorp Subaru Car Challenge is a recurring contest in Singapore, where participants gather around Subaru cars, placing a single hand on the vehicle for hours at a time, waiting out the last person standing. As long hours stretch across days, contestants report various ailments ranging from fainting spells to fatigue. For the possibility of winning a free car all to oneself, some might say the ordeal is worth it, but do you really want to win a free car in Singapore?

Just the Car

So you managed to beat the other contestants in winning that free Subaru. Unfortunately, that is all you win. The Certificate of Entitlement (COE) for owning the car in Singapore can sometimes cost as much as the car itself. This year’s Subaru XV 1.6 I-S was worth a grand total of S$69,600 without the COE, which costs approximately S$50,000.

That One Time, Though

While the Subaru Challenge has become a regional affair since its debut in 2008, only once was the COE was actually offered as part of the grand prize in 2015. The extra prize was not offered this year, though.

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Mind Games

Embarking on this challenge is truly no mean feat. Imagine being confined in one position for hours and hours, crammed amongst many people as determined as you are. Fainting spells and exhaustion are common, whilst some even report hallucinations – indeed, it is not just a competition of physical endurance, but a test of mental strength.

Hours and Days

Can you imagine standing still for approximately 80 hours? If you can’t, then you best stay away from the contest. A mere five minute break comes between six gruelling hours, and even then, think of the sleep deprivation, the deliriousness and the brutal agony! Last year’s winner clocked almost 78 hours, while the previous year held a record of 82 hours and 16 minutes. Given the average, it is wise to work up some endurance.

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