5 Car Brands That Jumped onto The 2017 April Fool's Day Bandwagon

Lexus Lane Valet

Ever encountered cars that seem to just slowly amble along on a lane that is meant for passing (over taking)? Lexus’ cheeky April Fool’s jab introduced the fictional Lane Valet technology, which at a simple press of a button activates the system to detect a vehicle inadvertently obstructing the flow of traffic ahead. Lane Valet then initiates semiautonomous control, connecting to the misplaced vehicle’s onboard systems and scanning the adjacent lane for sufficient clearance to safely execute a lane change. Once clearance is confirmed, Lane Valet activates the other vehicle’s turn signal, engages its power steering, and gently guides it into the adjacent lane, allowing the Lexus driver to be on his way. We think the best part of the video (above) is when Lexus issues a disclaimer towards the end that reads, “Imaginary Technology. Do not Attempt. Duh.”.

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Renault Sport R.S.17 Hayonara: World’s First Formula 1 Hatchback


Renault Sport took to its social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook to announce the “World Exclusive” of the R.S.17 Hayonara; which it claimed to be the world's first Formula 1 hatchback. Though the Twitter announcement was expectedly brief, the Renault Sport’s Facebook post on the R.S.17 Hayonara was surprisingly long. It included details about the car such as it being the “world’s fastest pet transportation device” and having a “hashtag storage tray”. Apparently its “advanced bi-directional steering system enables the Hayonara to turn both left and right”.

McLaren 570GT Feather Wrap

McLaren claimed that the new optional Feather Wrap for the McLaren 570GT was only available on April 1. If that wasn’t a dead giveaway that it was an April Fool’s prank, we don’t know what it is. The British supercar marquee said that the unique Feather Wrap drew inspiration from nature, and uses biomimicry to create “the most aerodynamic car ever”. Apparently the feather application process took more than 300 hours. Hard work for an April Fool’s joke, don’t you think?

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MG M.I.C.E. (MG Inter-Car Emoji)


MG’s fictional MG Inter-Car Emoji (MICE) technology allows the driver to express his/her innermost thoughts via huge emoji icons (similar to the ones that appear on the apps on your mobile phone) that appear on the windscreens. In a news release on MG’s UK website a certain Prof. Hans Frei, director of MICE technology (and reigning company chess champion) at the MG boffin laboratory, said: "Developing the technology was relatively simple, as we found a handy step-by-step video on YouTube. Unfortunately, we did waste time looking at hilarious cat pictures as well, which significantly hampered development. We're overjoyed to see months of hard work (ish...) come to fruition. MICE will be a real game changer in the marketplace - delivering easy and visual inter-car communication for all MG customers!"

BMW dDrive Dog Basket

BMW’s effort for this year’s April Fool’s shenanigans is the dDrive dog basket, which which uses BMW’s TwinPower Turbo Fan to give your pet dog’s the feeling going for a car ride, without actually having to take them out in the car. BMW also claimed that the dDrive will be upholstered in luxurious Nappa leather, and can be personalized (even the color and finish) to match the unique style of your dog. On BMW’s blog, Jack Russell, Head of Product Fabrication, was quoted as saying: “We want everyone to be able to enjoy the sheer driving pleasure of a BMW and so we have taken our innovations in mobility solutions using carbon fibre and TwinPower Turbo technology to provide a product for a brand-new audience. Owners can also feel safe in the knowledge that their canine friends are enjoying the thrill of driving in a BMW without any potential mishaps or damage to the back seats.”. Touché BMW, we see what you did there…Jack Russell indeed.

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