This Lawyer Blends Glamour and Gravitas in Running Supercar Club ExotiCars


It has been one extraordinary ride for Chia Boon Teck. The lawyer, who drives a Lamborghini Murcielago, just led a contingent from The ExotiCars Club on a driving adventure through the Austrian alps last September. The group was one of the first in the world to test-drive the latest Audi R8 cars at more than 3,500m above sea level.

These enthralling experiences might explain why The ExotiCars Club, which Chia founded in 2009, has become among the most recognizable non-brand supercar clubs locally.

Under the 53-year-old lawyer’s leadership, it has grown to around 130 members today, comprising 60 per cent businessmen and 40 per cent professionals, and includes some of the most influential names in Singapore.

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That is no mean feat considering Chia’s hectic schedule. The co-managing partner of law firm Chia Wong LLP and father of four is a highly sought-after civil and commercial litigation lawyer. Today, he estimates he spends at least a third of his time managing the club.

Chia says he relishes the challenge of “creating a positive culture” where members can truly enjoy themselves. Case-in-point: Chia designates seating at club events to prevent cliques from forming, and assigns a committee member to host each table.

“We want our members to bond. After taking this approach, our members start talking to people outside their circle. They realize that each person at the table is a leader in their own industry. Everyone gets along.”

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Known for his drive and “taking the bull by the horns”, Chia actively oversees the club’s calendar of events, including six major annual events and monthly events. “We’re always looking for ways to top ourselves. Our members are looking for novelty,” he says. As testament to his ingenuity, past events include overseas driving trips to Munich and Italy, a Halloween party on Pangkor Laut island, and being part of a music video by Jack Neo.

For now, he is busy organizing the club’s upcoming trip this month to Namibia, South Africa, and he’s constantly looking ahead to take the club to the next level. “My dream is for the club to own a property somewhere, where our members can retreat. But I’m still looking for a way to make it happen.”

This article originally appeared in The Peak.

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