Little Known Facts about the Mercedes-Benz Design Centre Sindelfingen


First off, the Design Studio in Sindelfingen uses between 60,000 and 80,000kg of clay a year. Despite digitization, Daimler Design continues to bet on the design quality of sophisticated clay models.

The designers produce around 10,000 components each year by means of stereolithography. This method entails building up a workpiece consisting of a photopolymer layer by layer on the basis of CAD data. The number of milling jobs is not quite so large – these add up to around 1500 annually.

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Daimler’s Design workforce spans a broad spectrum of different specializations. Apart from automotive, fashion and industrial designers, there are also trained graphic designers, modelers and 3D specialists who work in this department.

The projection screen of the Power Wall at the Virtual Reality Centre in the Sindelfingen Design Center measures around 17 square metres. This large projection screen enables a complete vehicle to be displayed on a scale of 1:1. Several projectors are used to project the computed models from behind the wall in two- or three-dimensional form.

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Daimler Design established a unit dedicated to the area of “Digital Design” in 2015. The experts here are concerned with evolving, creating and realizing the complete scope of digital content on board and relating to vehicles. This covers production, research and concept vehicles as well as digital applications in other fields.

The milling cutter which is employed to produce the flowing lines on trim elements of the Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet, for example, measures only 0.8mm. A special process is applied to expose the substrate under the fine wood veneer of the three-dimensional trim – a combination of mechanical precision and traditional craftsmanship.

People from more than 20 nations work in design at Daimler. Daimler Design also has a global character by virtue of its Design Studios around the world, from Brazil through India and China to California.

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