Check Out Ferrari's Latest Bespoke One-Off Build


Ferrari’s latest one-off model, the SP 275 rw competizione, is designed under the direction of Ferrari’s Styling Centre with the collaboration of the very talented Pininfarina. The SP 275 rw competizione (yes, it’s a mouthful to say) is built on the chassis of the F12berlinetta but equipped with the more powerful V12 engine and gearbox from the limited-series F12tdf.

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Drawing inspiration from the 275 GTB, one of the most iconic front-engined V12 berlinettas of the 1960s, the SP 275 rw competizione features a thoroughly modern interpretation of some of the themes that give the 275 GTB its berlinetta connotation; such as the quest for the ultimate balance in proportions and the pure and curvaceous surface treatment. The stance of the car, particularly in the muscular transition from the rear three-quarter panel to the wheel arch was carefully refined with a slightly wider track to express potency over the rear wheels and confer a rakish attitude.


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The characteristic front engine-bay vents of the 275 GTB are an evident styling cue, as is the adoption of the triple louvers in the three-quarter panel in place of the F12berlinetta’s Bpost quarterlights. The louvers on the rear bumper, together with the pronounced nolder in the tail and milled aluminium fuel filler cap, recall instead the special competition-developed 275 GTB (chassis number 06885) that won the GT category in the 1965 Le Mans 24-hour race, coming home an impressive third overall behind the winning 250 LM. The yellow paint scheme is also a tribute to that 275 GTB, echoing its Ecurie Francorchamps team color.

The front features a closed perimeter Ferrari grille with a prominent yet smoothly integrated bonnet bulge, while the slim, vertically-stacked headlights and forged 20-inch alloys are unique to the car.

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