First three Bugatti Chirons on their way to owners in Europe & the Middle East


Judging by how long it can take for cars like these to get painstaking produced by the craftsmen at Bugatti’s headquarters in Molsheim, the three expectant owners can finally rest easy. The three cars have already left Molsheim and are on their way to their owners in Europe and the Middle East. The world’s most powerful, fastest, and indubitably most luxurious and exclusive production super sports cars were sent off on their journey by the 50 or so production, quality assurance and logistics team members.

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The production crew, including two women, have assembled a total of about 1800 individual parts to create each Chiron. They are supported by 17 logistics employees and 15 quality assurance colleagues. Following production, their colleagues in Customer Service, the famous Bugatti Flying Doctors, assume responsibility for individual support to ensure that each vehicle remains in perfect condition and owners can be sure of having added the crowning glory to their collection – the ultimate super sports car.

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Usually, the customer will already have visited Molsheim several times before delivery. Following a test drive in a demonstration vehicle, the signing of the contract and the configuration of their own personal Chiron, customers welcome the opportunity to witness the creation of their vehicle personally during production in the Atelier. Those who really want to can even spend a day working on their own super sports car.

Bugatti intends to produce up to 70 Chirons at its plant in 2017. The Volkswagen-owned French luxury brand presented a further customer vehicle at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show.

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