Win a Maranello Experience with #DREAMFERRARI


Here’s an invitation to dream.

From Ferraristi to automotive enthusiasts, and veteran designers to young dreamers, everyone is invited to enter the Ferrari world where dreams are forged and visions created, on the social media canvas.

The star of this year’s campaign is none other than the California T, the elegant, stylish model that has been setting new benchmarks for the industry since its launch. Between its extraordinary turbocharged power unit and a strikingly contemporary design, the car offers an elegant chemistry between convex and concave surfaces, inspiring many.

Launching this fall, the winner of #DREAMFERRARI will experience a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Maranello, the very core of the iconic prancing horse. After all, it is the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari, the Italian carmaker’s founder, and where the factories by which many great Ferraris were born.

We sat down with Dieter Knechtel, CEO of Ferrari Far East and Middle East, who told us more:


What was the initial inspiration behind #DREAMFERRARI?

The whole idea was to engage through a cool campaign across the different platforms for the California T, which is a nice example of how Ferrari design can be interpreted. Ferrari is more than a car – it is a dream. Design is one of the most important pillars because it’s an expectation of our customers to be at the top.

What do you hope to achieve from this initiative?

It’s about the engagement between us as a brand with a group of people that we could probably call the dreamers, or the future Ferraristi – anyone from a young boy whose dream was ever to buy a Ferrari, or people who are already well-heeled or high off in their lives but never had the possibility to experience Ferrari directly.

Why the California T?

I believe the California T is a nice bridge between customers we haven’t been able to welcome yet in the Ferrari world. It’s a very fresh young model, a multipurpose car that is probably interesting with younger people because it can be driven everyday, and I believe the luxury choice for many first time buyers of Ferrari.

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How, in your opinion, would a #dreamFERRARI artwork stand apart from the rest?

As a concept I believe it allows a lot of room for creativity. We don't have a firm framework of what we expect believe we can get back. There’s a different approach, I believe, from everyone; I imagine seeing very different interpretations of #dreamFerrari from young people so I’m expecting exciting results and I think the decision is going to be very difficult for us to make.


What are some little known facts about Maranello?

When you use that name in Italy, Maranello is automatically associated with Ferrari – even worldwide, if you know a little about automotive. Many people are not so sure about this, but there is only one place we built the cars and that’s in Maranello.

Maranello is a very small town but apart from being a Ferrari town in terms of production and headquarters, there are quite a few Ferrari-themed restaurants. Montana is a favorite of our customers, with highlights of Ferrari’s history everywhere on the walls. The ‘Mama’ cooking today is still the same ‘Mama’ you can see on the wall pictures with Niki Lauda and Luca di Montezemolo from the ‘70s.

For lunch, Cavallino is just opposite the entrance of our factory. Its little back room used to be Enzo Ferrari’s private dining room – though he passed away years ago, they still keep his seat at the table, symbolically.

When Ferrari wins in Formula 1, the priest of the church of Maranello village rings the bell. So really, the whole village is about Ferrari. 

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