Get to Your Pokéstops with this Sweet Chauffeured Ride!


Unlike most of the other virtual games which afford you the soothing luxury of your own mansion, Pokémon Go forces you to head out to the great outdoors on an adventure of a lifetime. You couldn’t possibly expect to sit back on your evil throne and expect the pokémons to flock to you – at least, not the good ones.

But the thought of heading out into the blazing sun (if you live in the tropics) or braving a terrible storm just to catch the elusive pocket monsters and work in some actual miles can be quite daunting indeed, until you realize you could cheat a little with this sweet chauffeur ride:

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Maybach 62

You might recognize the Maybach 62 as the pinnacle of luxurious, chauffeur-driven rides, favored by the likes of Theo Paphitis, Roman Abramovich, P Diddy and Peter Jones, to name a few.

From fully reclining chairs to ones that also give you a relaxing massage, to a swanky, silver service champagne set with cooled cup holders, there’s nothing like reveling in the great comfort of a Maybach 62. It's like lounging in first class on a grand set of wheels.

And – tired of the repetitive Poké tunes? This bad boy is fully equipped with a sweet entertainment system and some wireless headphones for the ultimate noise-cancelling indulgence – with some tunes of your choice.

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