Limited Edition: Selfridges X Morgan EV3 UK 1909


1909 marked the monumental establishment of the two heritage brands, Morgan and Selfridges, so it would seem fitting to name its latest unveiling after the year. Indeed, for the first time ever, the two British brands have linked up to introduce the legendary Selfridges x Morgan EV3 UK 1909 Edition. With Morgan’s first zero-emission, all-electric EV3 and Selfridges’ motion to drive sustainability as their core, the collaboration marks one that is long due.

It’s beautiful, bullet body curves in to reveal a gorgeous face, as its exposed wheels take the style of a bygone era; a throwback to classic motorcycles, aero engine race cars from the ‘30s and ’50-type vintage automatons in a futuristic-styled, retro body kit. Don’t be fooled by its one-of-a-kind, antiquated aesthetic either, as the EV3 UK 1909 Edition offers a technologically advanced performance system that also uses an all-electric powertrain, hitting up to 90 miles an hour and can journey for up to 150 miles.

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Unlike the standard EV3, the special edition is limited to only 19 models.

The batteries are encased by brass conductive cooling fins, where four imposing round headlights accentuate the design’s boldness. Finally, as Selfridges’ bronze detail rounds up a modestly lavish black, the Oxford Street store’s iconic bronze name plaque comes to mind.

In addition to a digital screen, the all-new dashboard arrangement offers a classic ‘magneto’ switch for drive selection, using wood and treated aluminum throughout.

While the late 1920s makes for the last time the Morgan-3 Wheeler race cars offered a dramatic tail lift in its design, the new era welcomes a re-imagined version of which in a seductive blend of heritage and new tradition.

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