Strange Phenomenon: Supercars Abandoned Across the UAE


A strange phenomenon has seemingly gripped the streets of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Reports of supercars lying abandoned across the UAE, especially at Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s airports, are becoming less shocking as more such scenarios start to surface.

Despite initial reports that such desertions were the last-ditch efforts of expats fleeing the country to escape its tough debt laws, it appears that the phenomenon is not an exclusive tactic for expats. In 2011 alone, over 3000 luxury cars were found abandoned.

An allegedly abandoned vehicle will have local government inspectors issuing a warning notice, where a failure to respond within two weeks will have the car brought to a police scrapyard, still reclaimable for a small fee. However, the likelihood of these impounded vehicles being reclaimed is extremely low, where hundreds of such cars are eventually auctioned off every year.

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The Middle East observes the Sharia law, which considers the non-payment of debt as a criminal offense. Without any bankruptcy laws, there is no protection across the UAE for those who risk running into debt.

The phenomenon has also sparked the blacklisting of many foreigners, who found themselves prevented from leaving the UAE after missing a single credit card payment, for example.

According to an unnamed British expat, locals are also to blame for the abandonment of their expensive rides as they attempt to escape their mounting debt crises.

“The aftermath of the global financial crisis affected people from all walks of life, not just foreign workers,” he tells Business Insider.
"Many took out big loans to finance flashy cars to keep up with their peers. But when things slowed down they have struggled to make repayments and have fallen into debt. Foreigners and locals have been caught out alike."

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