Bespoke Menus, Unique Experiences at Chef's Table by Chef Stephan


A chef’s table refers to a table located in the restaurant’s kitchen, indicating an upfront and personal experience reserved for the chef’s finest guests. Now, for Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan Zoisl, it’s pretty much the same thing – except that you are all guests of the chef.

The thing about having an open-concept kitchen is how it paves way for a boundless interaction between guests and chefs, where one can certainly expect to have a literal Chef’s Table experience… and more.

If you really wanted to wander into the kitchen for a little front row action, you’re actually encouraged to do so. Don’t be shy to ask questions or reveal any personal surprises about the menu, since the philosophy behind Chef’s Table describes how bringing guests closer to the chefs would lead them closer to the food for a truly authentic experience.

“At Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan, we want people not just to enjoy the flavors of the food; we want them to get to know the ingredients behind the dish, and how they come together on a plate,” explains Chef Stephan.

Indeed, the gastronomic journey unravels in about 28 of the season’s best ingredients, coming alive in not just the dish’s presentation but in its story, regaled heartily by the chefs who bring the food to the table.

The ingredient list, that is, the menu, refreshes every few weeks as Chef Stephan and creative partner Lorenz Raich brainstorm daily on new recipe ideas and culinary creations. Coincidentally, both chefs are of the same descent, but that’s not where their similarity ends.

“Sometimes when we receive a new ingredient, we have the exact same idea on how to work with them,” explains Chef Lorenz. “We are very similar when it comes to our cooking philosophy… we feed off each other to bring the best results to the table.”

Indeed, the restaurant is all about that fantastic, bespoke experience. Crafted from the freshest seasonal produce with herbs grown right in the restaurant (yes, you will see them by the restaurant’s shelves) with a team of culinary virtuosos, diners are invited to cross out any ingredients from the menu that they want to avoid. From there, anything goes with the two chefs. Even with the same original menu of ingredients, guests could end up having an entirely different experience.

“We have an encyclopedia of recipes, which we have kept since the day we opened,” says Chef Stephan. “Every new dish is recorded into the book on a daily basis, so we know exactly what the guests had, even if he revisits months later to ask for the same dish.”

“Depending on the availability of the ingredients, we can either surprise him in a new way, or provide him with the comfort of recreating the dish that he returned for.”




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