COMO Unveils First Cookbook Featuring Award-Winning Dishes


Now you can try your hand in recreating the signature, award-winning COMO Shambhala cuisine that is so well-loved around the world. The Pleasures of Eating Well will mark COMO’s debut in the world of cookbooks, where your epicurean journey takes you from the moutains of Bhutan to the Caribbean depths.

For Christina Ong, who founded the COMO group, food shouldn’t just evoke pleasure and confidence, but should also bring health and energy. The cookbook was first published in April, featuring 147 classics from the COMO Shambhala kitchens redefined in a collection of engaging recipes for the home cook.

Named after Ong’s holistic wellness brand, COMO Shambhala cuisine was developed from her family home over ten years. It philosophizes that one needn’t count calories to have a proper diet, but rather engage in a variety, balance and intelligent proportions that remain enjoyable.

Indeed, COMO has long been reputed for their fascinating, masterful interpretation of the world’s classic dishes, and does not disappoint with their recipes ranging from Thailand’s iconic pomelo salad and freshwater crayfish, or the Indonesian fragrant pumpkin and tempeh curry. One can also expect to find dishes that engage in the seasonal bounty from COMO destinations, such as the highly-coveted matsutake mushrooms from the Himalayan forests. The cookbook doesn’t just focus on its stellar recipes however, as one find every recipe’s standout nutritional benefits clearly laid out.

“We are so pleased to launch our first cookbook in response to our guests’ enthusiasm for our healthful and delicious COMO Shambhala Cuisine,” says Hans Jörg Meier, Chief Operating Officer of COMO Hotels and Resorts. “This cookbook allows readers to recreate the most popular dishes from our award-winning kitchens in their own homes, and for guests to relive special memories from our thirteen properties from Bhutan to the Turks and Caicos.”

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