Five Things You Didn't Know About Oysters


Pop them with absinthe, add a zest of lemon, and your night is going to be pretty awesome. Notorious aphrodisiacs they are, and there’s nothing a nice plate of oysters can’t fix:

$1 Oysters Aren’t Always Suspicious

See that fancy restaurant or hip bar throwing out the one dollar oyster deal? You’ll be excused for thinking they’re marked down to clear out for poor quality, but they’re actually perfectly fine – some oysters are just easier to harvest than others, hence the significantly cheaper price tag. Colder months also mean you can get perfectly good oysters at this irresistible deal.

Nutritious Aphrodisiacs

It’s no secret that oysters are aphrodisiacs, and now they’ve got the backing of Science after a team of American and Italian researchers found that the oysters were rich in rare amino acids that stimulated sex hormones, validating the age-old ‘legend’ that oysters triggered one’s libido. But that aside, oysters also strengthens your immune system, clears acne and strengthens your bones.

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Countless varieties, but only a few species

While there are more than a hundred varieties of oysters, they all fall under five mere species - the Kumamoto Oysters, European Flat Oysters, Pacific Oysters, Olympia Oysters and Atlantic Oysters. To differentiate between them, aside from the waters in which they came from, look out for the European Flat’s straight, large shell with fine ridges, the smaller Pacific Oysters with wavy casings, and quirky Atlantic species which rather resembles a tear drop and typically comes in large sizes. Olympias and Kumamotos are similarly small with round, pale shells, but the former is smoother and may bear some subtle iridescence.

Pair them with Absinthe

Notice how we didn’t mention any champagne in the beginning? Sure, the two goes well together, but for Brooklyn-based Maison Premiere, pairing oysters and absinthe is a heavenly match. Indeed, the restaurant serves up two dozen varieties of absinthe and as many types of oysters to match. According to maître d’ Ben Crispin, the briny, mineral-rich oysters ‘brings each element to light in a new way’ as it goes along with absinthe’s mint and soft fennel.

Environmentally-friendly critters

An oyster is a natural filter, cleaning an average of up to 50 gallons of water each day! The next time you notice a beautiful, pristine ocean, think of the many oysters that contributed to that.

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