Check Out The New G by Godiva Collection


Godiva has launched its G by Godiva selection in an exquisite selection of chocolate tablets, courtesy of the chocolatier’s talented chefs. The luxurious chocolate collection feature both solid tablets and flavorful ingredient injections of dark, blonde and milk chocolate covertures.

“We crafted this collection with the spirit of a master mixologist in mind; inventing an array of vibrant flavours to blend with the origin Mexican cocoa beans,” said Godiva Chef Chocolatier, Jean Apostoulou. “We wanted to ensure that every tablet would take chocolate lovers on a special journey of taste and texture.”

For the lush 68% dark chocolate, the vivacious flavors of liquorice and plums with a touch of tobacco leaves combine to offer an intense experience, whilst the 42% milk chocolate unravels with a flirtatious combination of sweet and sour, with notes of white flowers, apricots, peaches and vanilla.

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For a non-classic twist, the collection offers three tablets with vivacious ingredient combinations, including Orange & Ginger Flavour 68% Dark Chocolate, Toasted Coconut 68% Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Crisp 42% Milk Chocolate.

For a new classic, a sort of meeting between the classic favorites and the exciting new ingredient twists, the Salted Caramel Blond Chocolate tablet offers a stunning blend of white chocolate and caramelized chocolate, with a delectable, finishing touch of crunchy buttered salted caramel.

Apostoulou adds, “G by Godiva is where quality meets art and passion. This is a unique collection that offers an elevated, special and memorable chocolate experience.”

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