Like Fine Wine: Would You Like Your Coffee Aged?


You have probably heard of fine wine ageing gracefully over the years, but what about aged coffee? Nespresso has unveiled aged coffee for the first time ever, titled Selection Vintage 2014. The limited edition coffee makes its debut this month, offering a smooth, rich and velvety taste.

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Deliberately ageing coffee under special circumstances allows for a fascinating development to take place, where new sensory dimensions cultivate over time. Fresh Arabica coffee sourced the Colombian highlands were previously harvested in 2014, before being stringently aged over the years. The result is a richly complex taste with a touch of soft fruity notes and an earthiness.

Traditional aged coffee originated in the 18th century when coffee beans were aged over months whilst sailing from Indonesia to Europe, where exposure to salt water and damp ocean air caused the beans to swell. Even the irregular temperature and light conditions would alter the beans and their eventual aroma and reaction to roasting.

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Selection Vintage 2014, however, is the result of modern innovation by Nespresso experts, where beans were aged in specifically controlled conditions, from regulating the time and light to the moisture in the air and the atmospheric pressure.

“Any miniscule change in the moisture, temperature, time, atmospheric pressure, light and oxygen conditions would affect the final taste,” said Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nespresso. “This carefully tailored process has resulted in an outstanding coffee with a very distinct flavour profile.”

“We wanted to introduce an entirely new flavor with unique qualities,” Ranitzsch adds. “To age the coffee we needed to start with beans of an exceptional quality and then store them in very specialized conditions that we regulated constantly.”

Priced at S$8.80 for 10 capsules, Selection Vintage 2014 hits Nespresso boutiques in Singapore on February 9 for a limited time. Best served black.

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