Review: Imperial Treasure Refreshes Concept with Fine Teochew Cuisine

A taste of home with a touch of sophistication. Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine unveils its elegant new space with an exciting new menu.


There isn’t a lack of Chinese restaurants in Singapore – quite the contrary, in fact, and one wonders how anybody stands out in the food haven that is Singapore, peppered with eclectic cuisine from all over the world. Spoiled for choice, and with stiff competition ensuring that only the best restaurants remain, the diner comes to expect only the best and if the best is the status quo, then a standout must really be exceptional…

12 years ago, the Imperial Treasure Restaurant Group opened its debut Teochew outlet in Singapore’s Ngee Ann City, bringing authentic, down-to-earth Teochew cuisine that warms the heart with its comforting taste of home. The end of 2016 however, brings about a new era for the group, as they move to the bustling downtown at ION Orchard, throwing its doors open with an exiting update – its very first Fine Teochew Cuisine restaurant.

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The result of said amalgamation brings with it a modest sort of elegance with a focus on rich culture and excellent dining. Whether one desires to dine amid the energy of a contemporary atmosphere, or unwind in an intimate santuary, the rich and vivacious culinary heritage is unmistakable.

The ambiance, for one, now brings a lovely spaciousness as daylight illuminates the elegant dining arena, whilst parties can choose to retreat into private rooms if privacy was fancied. The new concept brings a sweet elevation from its wholesome beginnings, with an exciting new menu that blends a touch of sophistication with savory artistry.

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The grand opening of Fine Teochew Cuisine in Singapore comes as a first in a pulsating series to follow – from London to Tokyo, the group will soon unveil more restaurants in major metropolitan cities over the course of the next 2-5 years. Indeed, with Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine in Shanghai recently honored with 2 Michelin Stars, the group does look to be heading for the stars.


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“We opened our first Imperial Treasure in Singapore in 2004,” said Alfred Leung, founder and CEO of Imperial Treasure. “It has always been a lifelong ambition of  mine  to  share  the  delicacies  and  dining  experiences of  Imperial Treasure around the world and to create an internationally renowned brand. The upgrade to Fine Teochew Cuisine in a new founding home symbolizes our ambition for The Group as we venture into new frontiers.”


Indeed, the new menu invites the diner upon an exciting journey that unravels each carefully orchestrated dish, bringing its symphony of flavors that awakens and challenges, complemeted by carefully curated wines and champagnes courtesy of sommeliers. Changing seasons bring with it the freshest dishes, in a lavish smorgasbord of iconic Teochew  delicacies and a couple of house signatures:


For a taste of the ocean, try the Teochew Style Chilled Flower Crab, a classic Teochew dish done with sweet simplicity, as per its tradition. From the far shores of Guangdong, the exotic Flower Crab brings a delightful tenderness from a light steam and a soupçon of black vinegar and ginger.

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Next, take a glimpse at age-old heritage as you indulge in a recipe passed down from the Masters – the Diced Abalone and Chicken Wrapped with Egg White brings the elegance of a crisp, egg white sheet and a vibrant explosion of flavor, as one takes in a fantastic dumpling of abalone, chicken, prawn, ham and Chinese mushroom drizzled in chicken stock that’s been prepared for 8 hours and laid out on a lovely nest of soft, steamed spinach.

glutinous_rice_stuffed_in_pork_intestine_1.jpgFor particularly cold rainy days (since it doesn’t quite snow in Singapore), take comfort in the Glutinous Rice Stuffed in Pork Intestine, most commonly enjoyed in the blistering winters for some warmth. A mellow number with the wholesomeness of glutinous rice-stuffed pork intestines with peanuts, pan-fried to perfection with the comforting finish of Teochew sweet bean sauce on the side.

Indeed, dining at the new restaurant is a comforting experience -- a hearty gathering amongst the light gaiety of company you enjoy, a familial sort of warmth with a taste of home.  

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