Snazzy Straps To Give Your Apple Watch That Much Needed Makeover

The Apple Watch has been around for a while now. Whether you chose to join the Apple clan or the Android clan, there is no denying that the Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches on the market today. There is also no denying that the Apple Watch looks dull. Yes, we said it… Dull. With a square black screen attached to an equally uninteresting black strap, the Apple Watch sinks into banality. It simply has no form to fit with its amazing functionality. Like a leopard without its spots. We take a look at four ways to give your Apple Watch that much needed makeover…

Tom Ford’s Pocket Watch Chain

Why wear the Apple Watch on your wrist, right? Tom Ford probably asked himself the same question when he came up with his pocket watch chain for the Apple Watch; which was a part of his Spring 2016 collection. US$1490

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Customized "Tempo" Apple Watch by Legend

Legend, a Finnish company specializing in exquisitely decadent mobile products, knocks it out the ball park wit the customized "Tempo" Apple Watch. "Tempo", that features a complex hand engraved design on 24K gold, premium grade crocodile leather strap, gold deployment buckle all housed in a handsome presentation box, together with a certificate of authenticity enclosed in a leather folder. An optional 24kt gold plated docking station is offered for those who want to display the watch in style when it’s off the wrist.

Hermès Leather Bands

Sure, leather bands may already be available for purchase, but Apple has set the bar pretty high for other smartwatches in the market by making these Hermès watch straps a lot more fashion-forward. The bands bear all the hallmarks of Hermes’ equestrian-inspired design approach. US$339 – US$689

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60-Year Leather Lowry Cuff by Pad & Quill

Pad & Quill found a stash of 60-year+ vintage leather in a European warehouse, Naturally, they bought the whole batch. Using our special PH-balanced leather care oil they carefully enriched the already gorgeous existing patina, resulting in a luxurious leather finish that carries the imprint of yesteryear while showcasing the modernity of the Apple Watch. US$249



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