Alexander McQueen Sued For Allegedly Copying Royal Wedding Dress



Alexander McQueen is being sued. A Hertfordshire-based designer has alleged that the British luxury fashion house ripped off its designs of Kate Middleton’s royal wedding dress, and has filed a claim at the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court in London.

According to wedding dress designer Christine Kendall, who runs a studio in Hertfordshire, Kate’s bespoke lace wedding dress from her royal wedding in 2011 is a dead ringer for Kendall’s own sketches, which she reportedly presented to the Duchess of Cambridge as an idea for the royal gown.

The Duchess’ $58,000 embroidered gown was created by Alexander McQueen’s creative director, Sarah Burton, and hand-stitched at the McQueen studio.

"I believe without my sketches the royal wedding dress would not have looked as it did," Kendall said in a 2013 YouTube video.

Kendall’s allegations appear to be only directed towards Alexander McQueen, however. According to a statement by Kendall’s solicitor to the International Business Times, there are no allegations made against the duchess or the palace.

Both the Duchess and Alexander McQueen are reportedly baffled by the lawsuit, with spokespersons for both parties confirming that neither has ever seen Kendall’s sketches in the first place.

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her fondness of Alexander McQueen’s designs, such as the red peplum skirt she wore during her Royal India tour.

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