Bottega Veneta’s Early Fall Speaks Sophistication


Material, color and silhouette blend together in a playful exploration of sights and sounds, as a new triumph rears its gorgeous head – the first ever collection for Bottega Veneta Early Fall Men.

“This collection is a wardrobe of pieces,” said Tomas Maier, Creative Director. “It is a series of specific statements that play with colour and print for women, and a new idea of staple items for men.”

Indeed, the women’s collection speaks sophistication in its daring, contrasting colors and peculiar patterns, which combine ever so beautifully with quick elements of grace and functional beauty.

Pleats create an illusionist’s distortion, adding an easy atmosphere for free movement in an amalgamation of fluidity and lightness. Femininely classic and fully functional, the pieces round up this season’s collection for women.

It’s not quite different for the men, whose season essentials take its form with dissimilar fabrics and treatments to complete the monochromatic vibes we are getting from this season. Japanese denim, shadow-dyed cotton, needle-punched wool and waxed leather make for fresh, masculine proportions that combine a sort of effortless sophistication with a rugged cool.

“I wanted this collection to have a lightness so that it can be worn right through the summer to the first months of fall,” said Maier. “Everything we do at Bottega Veneta is about quality, innovation and special techniques. Every detail is there for a reason, in each piece we create.”


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