Keep it Casual with these Laidback DKNY Pieces

Keeping it casual can be tricky at times – how does one freely express oneself, without erring on the side of sloppy hobo? That messy bed hair look and free-spirited bohemian vibe simply isn’t for just anyone. Lucky for you, DKNY’s got some stellar casual pieces for anyone who wants to work those basics and still look like an off-duty bad-ass:

Cheeky Slogan T-Shirt

Everybody (well, almost everybody) loves a good t-shirt and jeans combo. Effortless, fuss-free and totally flattering, the t-shirt and jeans look has pushed through time as a classic look, and it’s not going anywhere. But do one up the usual combo with these cheeky slogan t-shirts, which are actually acronyms of Donna Karan New York. Designers Know Nothing Yet? That’s up to you to decide.

Quirky Apron Dress


Aprons should have a life outside the kitchen, just like this super cute apron dress for the quirky soul. Pair it one of those cheeky slogan tees for an effortless autumn vibe.

Shorts Over Pants


The first rule in layering is: Always layer. Too cold out to wear shorts? Rock this pinstripe basketball shorts over leggings look for an androgynous vibe.

Distressed Plaid Blazer


Plaid is an autumn/winter favorite, but instead of going back to familiar looks, check out this reinvented piece – distressed for a rebellious nonchalance, and reborn as a blazer-type half overcoat. 

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