Street Graffiti: Dolce&Gabbana Reborn as Quirky Cartoons


Dolce&Gabbana has taken to the streets, and we’re totally digging it.

While it has previously been a point of observation by the label, the street has become a stage of sorts to unravel their latest artistic project yet – and you could be in the center of it.

Just take a walk down the sidewalk of any of the four major cities (Milan, London, Paris and New York) and you could just catch a snippet of some original, street graffiti in a quirky cartoon style. Think caricatures of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and their smiling, cartoon faces, posing alongside their pets Zambia, Congo, Mimmo, Rosa and Totò.

The project, which started early this month, is directed at social media. That means you could totally Instagram it, or post it up on Facebook to your heart’s content. We won’t deny it – the #DGfamily is pretty cute.

Over a hundred of each ironic hilarity is reproduced in each city, but not for long. The eco-sustainable graffiti are only temporary, and will dissolve over two short weeks.  Made from chemical-free, natural materials, these quirky graffiti was produced in eco-sustainable fashion, which you might recognize as Green Graffiti and Reverse Graffiti.

Green Graffiti’s base of a natural clay, chalk and cellulose mixture doesn’t pollute at all, while Reverse Graffiti is made from water that has been used to clean surface dirt, characterized by the way it allows the image to reveal itself through the juxtaposition of clean and dirty areas.

You can see a variation of the Green Graffiti street art in Milan, while Reverse Graffiti makes its debut in Paris, London and New York. The artwork won’t just be in the usual tourist hotspots though – you can certainly expect to see them in unexpected urban areas. Keep your eyes peeled!







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