Check Out This Extravagantly Priced Life Sized Leather Horse from Hermes


Hermès has unveiled an upholstered, life sized leather horse statue that measures a staggering 4.5 feet long. Talk about elephant in the room! Except that it is a pony. The leathery, realistic statue is also accompanied by a massive price tag at US$133,800.

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To mark the epitome of extravagance, this all-leather barnyard creature seems to be a caricature of the maison’s signature rodeo bag charms – except that the statue sports a rugged leather mane and a seemingly “rebellious” personality. Unlike the polished bag charms, which sport a neatly trimmed mane, the highlight of this Hermès pony sculpture seems to be its glorious fringe which cascades down like a fountain of leather – if that makes any sense.

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Crafted in taurillon Clemence leather, “Marley the Poney”, as it is affectionately named, was born in the petit h workshop. It took the fine expertise of saddler-fine leather craftsmen and the couturiers to craft this almost-gigantic work of art. Hermès’ petite h program is dedicated to recycling leftover leathers and silks, the extravagant leather pony might very well be eco-friendly.

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