Five Fashion Trends That Were Made Popular By The Late Princess Diana

It will be almost 20 years since Princess Diana’s life was tragically claimed in a freak car accident, but her memory lives on. Even today, the late Princess of Wales is most remembered for her compassion, philanthropy and charity work. Of course, besides the charismatic princess’ prolific charity work, another thing Princess Diana will be most remembered for is her impeccable sense of style and her iconic sartorial moments, like these:


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Before the Little Black Dress became a fashion staple, it was Princess Diana’s iconic stroll into a Serpentine Gallery exhibition that elevated the look to sartorial stardom. Lithe, leggy and aglow, the Princess of Wales flashed her megawatt smile as she made her way to the gallery in an off-shoulder designed by Christina Stambolian back in 1994, and the rest was history. Of course, staying true to her philanthropic cause, the late princess auctioned several of her dresses at a Christie’s auction just three years later, donating the US$6 million raised to various AIDS and breast cancer charities.

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The Choker

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The choker trend isn’t really dying soon. It was 2016’s definitive trend, but there is no lack of stars and studs who would still wear the controversial, oft-polarizing necklace as an off-duty statement. The choker is no new fad, though, and was once a favourite of a very unexpected wearer. Instead of the usual off-duty vibe chokers have these days, Princess Diana favoured a choker necklace on quite a number of formal occasions – usually in pearls or diamonds.

Colour Blocking

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Before colour blocking exploded on the modern runway, the stylish Princess was often spotted slaying the colour block trend. To explain, colour blocking takes opposing colours on the colour wheel, pairing them together in an unexpected yet fascinatingly complimentary way, like in the picture above.

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Jacket Draping


Look at any recent fashion spread or magazine section highlighting stylish passers-by out about town, and you will be hard pressed to find one who isn’t doing the jacket drape over the shoulders. We’ll give it to them – it makes you look pretty chic. It’s a funny way how it manages to accentuate how your outfit would look with the jacket and without, as if to reach a stylish compromise. Perfect for those who want the best of both worlds. Of course, every sartorial statement has a beginning, and call Princess Diana one of the Jacket Draping pioneers.



Thought princesses were too glam for overalls? We saved the best for last. Another controversial style statement finds its face in the overalls. Some love them and some hate them to death, but if you’re a lover of the humble dungaree (maybe pick an edgy one with a little distress) then tell the hater that Princess Diana loves her overalls.

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