Five Things You Didn't Know About Fragrances


A great outfit and a perfectly made up face could be royally ruined with bad odor, or elevated just as easily with a strikingly seductive scent. Indeed, a wise man named Christian Dior believed that a woman’s scent was more telling about her than the imprints of her words. But other than altering your aura through the power of olfaction, here are some things you probably did not know about fragrances:

Pretty Pulses

You might know that one of the best areas to apply your perfume is on your inner wrist or on the nape of your neck, but did you know why? These pulse points are where the blood vessels lie closest to the surface of your skin, accentuating the way your scent emits from you through its radiation of heat.

Wrong Rub

To put it in perspective, imagine a scent in layers. The delicate top notes evaporate quickly upon application, revealing a heart note, which again falls away to expose the longer lasting base notes. So listen to the fragrance gurus when they forbid you to rub your wrists after spritzing on a scent – doing so will only distort the scent’s complex combinations.

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Separate Scents

The next time you a fragrance house tells you how their scent magically smells different on different people, you can be sure that that’s the case for pretty much all scents. Each person has a unique scent which is basically a blend of your odor, sweat and other external factors like the air around you, which mixes with the fragrance you put on to emit a rather personalized version of said scent.

Coffee Confusion

You know how perfume stores always have a little cup of coffee beans to supposedly neutralize your palate? Well, stay away from them as they do just the opposite, distorting your senses with a new (and possibly overwhelming) scent. Try sniffing a familiar scent instead, like the neutral insides of your arm or a deep breath on your shirt. Also, stick to a maximum of three scents in one go – any more will just overwhelm you.

Don’t Pile On Unnecessarily

You know how a scent seemingly wears off after a short while? It’s still there – you just don’t notice it because your senses have grown accustomed to its presence that you barely even know it’s there anymore. That’s why, with every spritz, you’ll only really ever smell the top notes. So don’t go overloading every hour!

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