Five Things You Didn’t Know About Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele



The Gucci we once knew was entirely understated – but the appointment of Alessandro Michele as Gucci’s new creative director since 2015 saw a fantastical reinvention of the luxury brand. Today, the Italian label brings a fascinating edge; you could say it is somewhat otherworldly, a fun and whimsical factor that has breathed new life into the Kering-owned brand.

Who Was He?

Before he became Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro was actually at the Italian fashion house for about 12 years. Among various roles he held includes head accessory designer and design director of leather goods. He was even appointed Associate to Gucci’s then Creative director, Frida Giannini.

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Baroque Love

If his long, loose locks, eclectic edge and decorative vibes he has given the new Gucci is not indicative enough, Michele loves the vintage and the Renaissance. His spirited embrace of the fascinating era is highlighted in his penchant for the opulent décor of the Renaissance. His home in Rome is, as he fondly describes, a revelation of old paintings, jewels and pieces of fabric.

The Beauty of In-Between

Just as the Renaissance provides a significant cultural progression from the Middle Ages to modern history, Michele has an unconventional idea of beauty. From his perspective, beauty is a dangerous thing, discordant and often confusing. Ambiguity, androgyny and the “in-between” fascinates him – as you can see in Gucci runways abound with soft floral suits for men and tough chunky shoes for women.

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Language of Expression

In a world of consumerism, products are created a single motivating factor – to sell. Michele’s motto, on the other hand, draws from a desire to purvey ideas; to create beauty in a somewhat intangible language of expression. His creations say it best – rather than selling a product, his ideas offer a playful expression, a childlike wonder.

New Spark

Just as the Italian fashion designer breathes new life into Gucci, Michele himself found himself transported from relative obscurity to critical acclaim. In his impressively short time at Gucci – he joined January 2015 – Michele has already collected various accolades including “International Designer of the Year” award at the British Fashion Awards two years in a row. Of course this is simply the beginning, and one can keep guessing what the future Gucci will bring.

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