Five Things You Didn't Know About Fashion Week


From Paris to New York, Fashion Week is the monumental season for fierce looks and incredible haute couture. With the international frenzy that comes with this significant event, Fashion Week is no obscure happening. However, despite all the spotlight IT enjoys, there are still some little known things about Fashion Week:

#1 It Didn’t Always Have a Cool Name

The term, “Fashion Week” may roll off one’s tongue today like a sartorial statement with an element of cool, but this was not always so. Back in 1943 when it first began in Paris, Fashion Week was more popularly known as “Press Week”.

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#2 New York City Wasn’t the Best Location Then

During World War II, Americans did not feel safe travelling to France to attend the best shows. Despite so, they knew that the show must go on, compensating for their failure to attend the shows with their very own. The American fashion industry started to organize fashion shows at The Plaza Hotel, and the rest was history – New York City was included in Fashion Week ever since.

#3 Golden Front Row Seats

To score front row seats at fashion week is to have somehow convinced the fashion world that you are worth looking at, whether you have the best style or you are currently the most significant celebrity of the season. But the next time you catch your favourite stars dazzling up the front row at Fashion Week, here’s something to think about: celebrities are reportedly paid up to US$100,000 just to sit in one of those golden front row seats.

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#4 Not All Are Equal

Fashion Week gathers not just the most significant designers, but also the emerging ones to showcase their up-and-coming collections. Of course, the audience dispersion is not equal throughout the shows either – given the many shows, sometimes up to approximately 100, it is virtually impossible to attend every single one. To put things in perspective, Chanel had a show with over 2,600 guests while Noir, in comparison, had about 30 guests.

#5 From Paris to Milan, and New York to London

Paris, Milan, London and New York Fashion Week are known as the “Big Four” of all the major cities featuring the prestigious fashion week. But here’s the thing – it may seem like a given, but if you want your business to grow in New York, then that is the city you should show in. Paris is known for its primary focus on haute couture, whilst Milan showcases some pretty high-concept fashion. New York, on the other hand, typically draws a crowd that values a balance of avant-garde fashion and commercial appeal.

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