Follow These Fashion And Art Instagram Accounts… Because Aesthetics

Step away from the influencers and go for these fashion and art Instagram accounts - at least they're not trying to sell you things you don't need.

You don't need us to tell you that meme accounts specialising in various topics (from fashion to climate crisis) are mushrooming, nor about the soaring popularity of industry watchdogs such as Diet Prada and its beauty counterpart, Estee Laundry.

What we do appreciate now, are accounts that tilt towards a moodboard of fashion and art imagery; a Pinterest-esque approach that cuts through the endless white noise on our feed with their selection of beautiful imagery - if anything, they make for a nice visual respite at least.

The Row

The Instagram account for Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's modulated label The Row breaks most of the fashion industry's codes with its emphasis on art and design images. It veers towards masters across furniture, sculpture, art, film and architecture - Max Ernst, Alexander Calder, Man Ray, Constantin Brancusi and Le Corbusier are frequent occupants, and refreshingly, The Row's own pieces only making occasional appearances every dozen posts or so. We like that it's not a hard sell of their products but rather an invitation to the world of the Olsens and that's what make it so effective (and rare).

We imagine it must be rather fun to be running this account - they dispense entirely with all the usual social media tools such as hashtags; the tasteful selection speaks of itself, much like The Row's designs.

Another Kind

Run by artist James Chester, the selection here veers towards the surreal and the eclectic, including a sleeping Britney Spears, the ongoing Hong Kong protests, antique Tiffany lamps and a costume ball in Disneyland Paris. As with the current proliferation of '90s nostalgia accounts such as 90sanxiety, most pictures are sourced from vintage archives.

McQueen Vault and Dior By John Galliano

As far as fashion tribute accounts go, these two are some of the most comprehensively dedicated to their respective idols - the late Alexander McQueen and John Galliano during his 15-year run at Dior. Both were nearly matchless in their technical skills, showmanship and imaginative designs - the latter two qualities are something some would say are sorely lacking in today's fashion landscape. It makes for a heady trip to be sure, discovering (or re-discovering) the deeply personal, tortured and otherworldly designs McQueen invoked at his own label and at Givenchy, or the wildly romanticised shows that Galliano used to throw in the '90s and '00s.

At the same time however, it's a painful reminder of the incredible talent we lost with McQueen's passing - and a certain larger je ne sais quoi that's hard to replicate in today's context.

Slow Roads

Spanning travel and furniture, this is the account to follow especially for who prefer an earthier aesthetic (read: not too perfect, because where's the fun in that?). There are also the occasional snapshots of daily life from earlier periods - wonderfully captured and only seems to delineate the difference with today's everything's-going-to-hell world.

Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos is one of the most prestigious photography cooperative internationally and they feature news, arts and disparate cultures as lensed by both veteran and rising photographers around the world. Whether you're looking to get acquainted with a new name or just appreciating something beyond the realms of fashion photography (which tends to bear the burden of selling merchandise - obliquely or otherwise), this is the account to hit up.

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